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Mediwell Clinic is a multi-speciality clinic located in Ennakkad, Chengannur Alappuzha district Kerala. Founded in 2020 by Dr Arundas H, a community health physician with an aim to promote health, prevent and protect people from diseases.

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About Mediwell Clinic

We Provide Essential Services For Your Health Care

We focus on the overall health and wellness of the people in our community rather than just treating the symptoms. A fulltime family doctor in the clinic hours will make a direct walk-in appointment for the patients at their convenient time reducing waiting hours, and out of pocket expenditure. Fully digitalised patient profile will keep a track of the patients health status, biochemical and clinical parameters which help in early identification of diseases and also helps doctors to choose the right medicine at the right time at the right dose.

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Our Services includes

Multispeciality Clinic


Physiotherapy Centre


Pharmacy & Medi-mart

Nutrition and dietetics